About company

„L.E.V.” /Ekstraktu rupnica/ Ltd. manufactures liquid herbal extracts from more than 80 species of plants, develops extraction technologies, carries out market research and distributes extracts as ingredients for foodstuffs, beverages and cosmetics.

Our place

„L.Ē.V.” /Ekstraktu rūpnīca/ Ltd. is a leading herbal extract supplier in the Baltic States, which produces effective, safe and innovative herbal extracts, using gentle extraction technologies. We are constantly offering new products to our customers, flexibly responding to their needs and market trends, in close cooperation with all our partners.

Operating direction

We are engaged in manufacturing of food and cosmetic ingredients.

We offer our partners ideas and long-term experience in working with natural materials, which can serve as the basis for creation of new and advanced products to meet the needs of consumers.


The company was founded in 1979 as a mink fat processing plant. Considering the needs of cosmetic producers, since 1980 our company has started to produce plant extracts for cosmetics and household chemistry. The next step was development of food ingredient production in collaboration with scientific and research institutes.

Our company has maintained these production lines up to the present day and continues to offer natural ingredients, as well as create, develop and propose ideas for our partners to manufacture advanced and demanded cosmetic and food products.


Our company is operating according to the principles of HACCP and GMP.

The main line of the company's work is assurance of permanent good quality of products, reproducing biologically active substances from such complex systems as plants.

We also have experience in manufacturing extracts and creating the best ingredients, which are necessary for products in the ECO- segment.

With understanding of the consumer, as well as the plant!